All-nature & Eco- Friendly

Down and Feather


Natural Insulation Material with 400 Years of History

Down is the warmest material among natural materials. According to historical records, humans have begun to use duck down and goose down as filling from the 1600s.

Down has been loved by humans because of its lightness, excellent thermal insulation

Responsibly Sourced

Our natural fills are responsibly sourced, traceable, and meet the highest welfare standards.

Responsible Down Standard

Responsible Down Standard (RDS), certifies products that contain feathers and down from certified farms. It ensures that the feathers and the duvet used in the padded products derive from geese and ducks raised in compliance with the principles and criteria of animal welfare.


Our products are tested by IDFL. IDFL-Laboratory and Institute, (originally known as International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory) is the largest down and feather testing laboratory in the world


The goal of the Downpass standard is to contribute to the ethical sourcing of down and feathers, and to help companies to firmly anchor and further develop the aspects of animal welfare during the sourcing of feathers and down in everyday business by reviewing suppliers in the industry supply chain.

Zero Harmful Chemicals

All of our products are made of zero harmful chemicals cotton or our tech blends fabrics