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Soaring temperatures, rapidly melting ice and snow, rising sea levels and acidifying oceans are threatening all Arctic wildlife, from great whales to tiny plankton — not just the iconic polar bear.

We hope to do something for them.

Polar Bear

The polar bear is the largest terrestrial predator in the Arctic. It is formidable on land, on the ice surface, and in the water. Polar bears' large feet enable greater ease walking across snow and swimming, as they spend most of the year associated with Arctic sea ice. Polar bears are vulnerable to extinction with populations decreasing throughout their geographic range.


The emperor penguin is the largest penguin in the world and the only one that breeds in the harsh winter of Antarctica. Diving up to 1,750 feet below the sea ice and for as long as 20 minutes, emperor penguins can travel as far as 600 miles in search of food. The emperor penguin is considered near threatened with extinction and is particularly vulnerable to ocean pollution and ecosystem changes caused by climate change.

Harp Seal

The harp seal lives in the north Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, spending long periods of time associated with sea ice. Young pups are solid white. This species is highly migratory, with individuals following Arctic sea ice as it expands and contracts throughout the year.


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